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MS 15 (Medica)


The works in this manuscript date from the late 12th to mid-13th centuries. They are in 12 arts., which make up the three parts of the book (1-10; 11; 12)

Art. 1 (ff. 1-21): Antidotarium Nicholai, for which we also have a commentary in MS10. The copy is somewhat damaged and incomplete.

Art. 2 (ff.23-62): A work of Roger de Baron, the Practica.

Art. 3 (ff.62-68): The Rogerina minor, incomplete.

Art 4 (ff.70-90): Gerard of Cremona, De modo medndi.

Art 5 (92-96v): Galienus testante in tegni (the work of Galen)

Art 6 (97-103): A list of remedies beginning 'Alfita farina...', similar to that in MS13 part 3.

Art 7 (f.103): Sixteen sets of verses on medical questions.

Art 8 (ff.104-143v): A copy of Circa instans, substantially different to the one in MS10.

Art 9 (ff.144-176v): A work of Platearius, Amicum induit...

Art 11 (ff.177-205v): A work of Platearius, Liber iste quem... As MS10, part 7.

Art 12 (ff.207-230v): De gradibus simplicium, a list of remedies. Begins with Rosa, ends with Rafanum.