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MS 13 (Medica)


This 13th century manuscript has four main parts, containing various medical texts and recipes. 

Art 1 (ff.1-15): This part begins with herb lists, including Aurea alexandrina, which is also in Art 3.

Art 2 (ff.16-75): The works of Roger de Baron - the Rogerina Maior and Minor - which can also been found in MS15.

Art 3 (ff. 76-137): As well as a second copy of Aurea alexandrina, this part contains a copy of the work of John of St Paul, which can also be found in MS21.

Art 4 (ff.138-211): This part contains a different work of John of St Paul, as well as the Micrologus of Ricardus Anglicus. It contains a preface that is also found in copies of this text in Edinburgh University Library and the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris.