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MS 10 (Medica)


Orginally in seven parts, this manuscript contains multiple medical texts. All except for Art 6 were written in France. Part 6 is English.

Art 1 (ff.1-22): Book 1 of Rasis, Liber divisionum.

Art 2: (ff.23-20): Various remedies and prognostications. ff.26v.-29v. can also be found in MS15.

Art 3: (ff.31-6): Begins with 'The Salernitan questions' and goes on to include other medical notes.

Art 4 (ff.37-57): Begins with a work on eclipses. Continues with the work of Constantine the African, in a text that was previously thought lost in such an early form. For more details, please see Monica Green's article here. This section of the manuscript finishes with a work on phlebotomy.

Part 5 (ff.58-84): The first of three copies of Circa Instans to be found in our medical manuscripts. The others are in MS12 and MS15. This section also contains herbals and recipes.

Part 6 (f.85): A zodiac and, on the verso, a diagram of the brain.

Part 7 (ff.86-107): Platearius' commentary on Antidotarium Nicholai.


12th-13th c.